▸ I have regular classes for 6 days and NSTP on Sundays fuck
▸ Being an E.L.F. for more than 5 years is VERY tiring.
▸ Fanwars and Koreaboos just keep on getting worse.
real life


▸ real life duties
▸ shitload of readings & schoolworks
▸ fiction & fanfiction
▸ anime & games
▸ other fandoms
super junior


▸ 7집 on 08/14
▸ Start of SS6 on 09/14
▸ Shindong's enlistment
▸ Sungmin's enlistment
▸ Yesung's discharge on 05/05/14
hiatus; college will be my demise
past random future

I’ve been preparing myself for this day by the time Jungsu enlisted, but obviously it wasn’t enough since I’ve been feeling devastated by the time I’ve heard rumors of you needed to enlist this year. I began to ponder on what I’ll do when you leave, since I know I’ll have to go through 2 years without seeing you perform on stage with Super Junior, 2 years without hearing your voice sing or speak on radio, 2 years without seeing you on variety shows or on interviews, and 2 years without seeing you in photo shoots or seeing your amazing selcas. I thought about switching fandoms since it makes me envious to see my fellow E.L.F. happy because of their bias when mine isn’t around, but then I remembered what Donghae said, and I knew better than to cheat.

I hope you take good care of yourself during those 2 years of serving your country and not get hurt physically nor emotionally. I’m really worried about you, your health, how people will treat you in the army, and what netizens would say, but I know that you’re mature and responsible enough to handle such situations.

I’m not good with words and I tend to get cheesy sometimes, but I just want to tell you - thank you - for being a non-cliché and eccentric idol, for being a great role model and for being an amazing person. Thank you, for everything, really. Because of you, I decided to care more for the people around me, to do what I love and what makes me happy, and to work harder to achieve my dreams. Because of you, my life became better and it had more meaning to it.

Jongwoon-ah, I love you and I’ll surely miss you. Be safe and come back healthy. Never forget that E.L.F. will always be there to protect you. Good luck in the army and fighting!!!

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